Printing Industry in India 2019

It is now time for us to check out the age-old yet trending technology in the market. Yes, we are talking about the printing industry. Offset printing is the most adopted printing technology that still shines like its initial days. One of the major reason for Offset printing and its sustained success is its high definition and exceptional quality. The offset printing has a strong foundation in the process including packaging, the printing of commercials, label printing, and other similar products.

The offset printers market is still thriving due to its advantage over others. We shall have a look at its advantages and its peerless future.

The printing industry in India 2019

The purpose of liberalization of the Indian economy led to the modernization of the print industry in India. There are exclusive offset printing markets in India where one will find the best offset printing service with high quality. Luckily we were able to adopt new technologies and inventions in the print industry of India. It took almost 25 plus years, since 1990 for us to bring this change into the print industry.

The study says that the printing industry in India 2019 has grown at a rate of 12% per annum. The uniqueness and the list of advantages with offset printing have made it cover 3/4th of the printing market. Though digital printing is blooming with its advantages; the offset printing still holds its market position. Quick plate production, cost effective, long life and time efficiency are the major advantages of offset printers that are protracting offset printer market in India.

Offset printing market in India:

Due to the continuous innovation with offset printer technology, it has maintained its high importance with the printing industry in India – 2019. Easy management and faster plate changing were two important innovations with offset printers in 2019. This has proved to minimize the order preparation time with offset printing. One of the major challenges in offset printer is the time taken for order production. As a solution to this problem, high-automated offset printing machines were innovated thereby time taken for the order production is reduced. In addition to this, the high-automated offset printing machines produce at lower production cost apparently increasing the revenue of the printing industry.

UV inks replacing the existing one has made offset printing even more effective and trending in 2019. This made the printing process more advanced thereby delivering the order as early as a few hours. This leads to the rise of the offset printing market in India since 1903.

Future of the printing industry:

The future of the printing industry is in the hands of digital technology either to sustain the position or to elevate it above the other industries. The printing industry in India is in need of integrating digital technology in order to modernize today’s trend. A study says that offset printing will continue to serve its purpose due to its efficiency and cost-effective solution. Keep in touch with us for more updates on offset printing.