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Buyer Commission Schedule
Seller Commissions Schedule

Commission Information

1. At Core B2C “Core”, there are no listing fees and no hidden charges.

The commission fee will be charged to Buyer at check out. 

2. When an 'Order Received' is updated in our Core system, the commission fee will be calculated automatically from the unit price you set for each product based on product category/subcategory.

3. Payment is due from the buyer of the Gift Certificate at check out. Buyer and seller will be notified immediately thru e-mail with a protected pass word for the buyer. All information will be included. Seller is then notified of the transaction and an is added to his or her account. Remember once a Gift Certificate is printed, it cannot be printed again. It will be removed from your device and only be seen on your Dash Board as a purchase. This avoids any duplication of any one certificate. Treat it as if it is cash, lost or stolen it cannot be replaced by seller or Core.

4. Seller will receive the transaction within minutes to his or her account. 

5. Buyer will then be able to purchase , using the Certificate issued, from Seller.

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