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Infringement Policy

Claims Reporting against Objectionable Listing Violation & Procedure for Making Claims of Right Infringements.

Vedson has put in place Vedson Infringement Verification Process so that intellectual property owners could easily report listing that infringe their rights. It is in Vedson’s Interest to ensure that infringing products are removed from the vedson site, as they erode buyers and sellers good trust.

Millions of products are for sale by the sellers/brand owners on and VEDSON PLATFORM and hosts thousands of comments, reviews and other contents on our website and VEDSON PLATFORM it is not possible for us to be aware of each product listing, each comment and each review or any of the content that is displayed on our website and VEDSON PLATFORM. Vedson has put in place Infringement verification process so that any intellectual property owners could easily report listing which infringe their rights., VEDSON PLATFORM and VEDSON ECOMMERCE PRIVATE LIMITED does not and cannot verify that sellers have the right to sell, distribute or advertise their listed products. However and VEDSON PLATFORM is committed to remove such listing of products, review and comments within reasonable time, if any such infringing or unlicensed products complain comes from an authorized representative of the rights owner as per below notice of infringement.

Who can report to us?

Only the intellectual property rights owner can report infringing of any listed products on and VEDSON PLATFORM.

If you are not intellectual property rights owner than you can help the property rights owner by getting in touch with them.

If you believe that any content on our website is illegal, offensive, misleading, ethically objectionable or any other kind of any complain than you can follow notice procedure for claims of Right Infringements., VEDSON PLATFORM and VEDSON ECOMMERCE PRIVATE LIMITED ensure that items listing do not infringe upon the copyright, trademark or any other intellectual property rights of third parties.

In order to process your infringement request smoothly and easily, 1st notice of right of infringement should be send by hard copy to us and email on both is required but hard copy is must along with your intellectual property right certificate and other documents, and further communication and notices can be send to us by hard copies as well as email but hard copy is must.

If you are not intellectual right owners or their agents, VEDSON PLATFORM and VEDSON ECOMMERCE PRIVATE LIMITED will not be able to process your complaints submitted to us or notice given to us and we will not be liable for that in any case.

Upon receipt of a notice we may take certain actions, including removing content reviews, comments or item, all of which are taken without any admission as to liability and without prejudice to any rights, remedies or defenses, all of which are expressly reserved. Once you submit notice or any communication, you grant, VEDSON PLATFORM and VEDSON ECOMMERCE PRIVATE LIMITED the right to use, modify, reproduce, publish, translate, display its content throughout the world in any media, including forwarding the notice and communication to the parties involved in the provision of the allegedly infringing content and all other kinds of permission which, VEDSON PLATFORM and VEDSON ECOMMERCE PRIVATE LIMITED does. You agree to indemnify, VEDSON PLATFORM and VEDSON ECOMMERCE PRIVATE LIMITED for all claims brought by a third party against, VEDSON PLATFORM and VEDSON ECOMMERCE PRIVATE LIMITED arising due to this or in connection with the submission of notice and communication. Listing which are done on and VEDSON PLATFORM are totally depend on third party sellers and third party sellers are totally responsible for listing of the products on our website and VEDSON PLATFORM.

For any infringement notice or complain, you shall be required to identify the individual listing which is infringing your intellectually property than only we will be able to do the needful. General notices will not be accepted by us and we will not be liable for that in any case or consequences.

Warning – Giving False, misleading or inaccurate information in the notice of infringing to and VEDSON PLATFORM may result into civil and/or criminal liability for you.

Fill this below Infringing form and send to us by Email PDF or send hard copy to Grievance office.

To the Manager,

Email –

Subject Line – Claim of Infringement




Ground Floor, 5, Ram Complex, Near Post Office, Guest House Road, Morbi 363641, Gujarat, India


I, _________________________( Full Personal Name & Company Name if Applicable), solemnly declare as follows.

1) Contact Information

Name of Person:

Company Name:

Company Address:

Telephone Number:

Mobile Number:

Contact Email:

Contact information which you will give we will share it with third party sellers if relevant so that they may contact you to resolve the issues regarding your notification to us.

2) Listing Details on our website and VEDSON PLATFORM. You have to identify and write down here where it is located on our website and VEDSON PLATFORM and also send us the link of the product listed on our website. You must also identify third party seller name on our website and VEDSON PLATFORM in particular product page. For your products if you feel that multiple sellers name and listing you want to tell us that you must write all sellers name from each product page and also product detail page link.

3) Include the following statement “I have a good faith belief that the items listing or content written or material identified described above violates the intellectual property rights owned by the intellectual property owners or its agents or the permissible law and therefore infringe the intellectual owners rights. Please remove or disable access to the material or product claimed in the infringing notice”.

4) Include the following Statement: “I represent that the information in this notice and communication is true and correct and that I am the intellectual property owner or authorized as agent to act on behalf of the intellectual property owner for the rights described below”, in case of agent you must have written authority letter from the copyright/patent/trademark/intellectual property owner.

5) your description of intellectual property rights that you claim information of your copyright, trademark or patent with the trademark/intellectual property certificate.

6) signature and stamp of your company.

Please provide documentary proof of your intellectual property ownership.

1) Provide all documentary proof of ownership of Intellectual Property.

2) Provide documentary proof supporting your claim (if any)

3) Provide all documentary proof submitted along with this Notice should be “certified as true:.

4) We will share all documents with the person or company who is alleged to have infringed your Intellectual Property.

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