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Packaging Guideline Policy

Below are the generic packing advise to ensure safe transit and delivery of the package to the customer safely.

1) External Packaging - Ensure package is not oversized for the product.

2) Sealing of the Package – The package should be sealed using H taping technique to ensure they do not open during transit. Good Quality packaging tape (at least 2” wide) should be used.

3) Shipping Label – Shipping Lable should be of good quality.

4) Outbound Labels – Orientation (eg. “This Side Up”) and category labels (eg. Fragile) should be used wherever required.

Customers get very rich shopping experience and get delighted when customers receive the product with excellent packing. Proper packing ensures that products are delivered in safe way. Seller rating increases if the packing and product reached to customer in safe way.

Seller must go through below details for better packaging of the order they receive.

Packaging Guideline

For good and safe packaging, given below are some guidelines you must follow.

a)A corrugated box, carton or thick cover is primarily used to hold the product and to stack it during transport.

Recommended GSM – 180 gsm top paper and 150 gsm for liner and bottom.

Damaged boxes are a sign of bad packaging. Cartons with torn edges should be completely avoided for safety of your product. Use strong and new carton made of durable material.

b)A Vedson Logo tape is a sign of reliability and consistency to customers.

c)Cushioning material - Using a standard 10 mm bubble wrap, Foam wrap, Instapak Foam or corrugated divider will protect the product.

d)Fillers – Crumpled paper, loose fill peanuts, air packets and void fillers provide further protection to the product.

Don’t use filler substitutes like newspaper, plastics etc. This type of fillers are not resilient to pressure which may lead to damage your product in transit or delivery.

Make sure to use only the Vedson branded packaging material. Sellers are advised to order packaging material from authorized vendors only using the email ID registered on flipkart.

If you do not follow packaging rules, your product may suffer damages. In that case, the product may get returned to you and you lose valuable time and money that has gone into dispatching the order.

General Packaging Guidelines

Below are steps and process for packaging of your order recommended by us.

1)Product Preparation before packing the product

a)Check whether the product picked for packing is same as the customer has orders by checking following details and attributes

Product Name

Size of the Product

Color of the Product

Model Number/Serial Number of the product

Accessories that has to be included in the box

Check whether all the items displayed in the product image at product detail page are included

b)Manufacturer package seal should be intact and no tampering or scratches must be there

c)Wrap items individually with cushioning material like bubble wrap, Foam wrap, Instapak Foam

2)Product Keeping in the Cartoon or Box Packing, Labeling and addressing the package

a)Most products come with manufacturers packaging. We recommend and it is mandatory that products are packed into a corrugated outer box, thick covers or poly bag ( only in case of apparel and soft toys).

b)Use only new packaging material.

c)Put the prepared item in the centre of the corrugated/carton box.

Don’t leave empty space in the box.

d)In empty space use standard packaging cushioning material like bubble wrap or fillers to protect your product from tampering, damaging and fraudulent practices of your product. Your product do not move/shift here and there inside the empty space in the box.

e)Put 1 Invoice and packing slip inside the package

f)For costlier and heavier items like laptops, cameras, printers, speakers, mobiles, home theater, desktop, tablets and other home appliances ensure using double walled boxes for safety of the product in transit or delivery.

g)Apply the tape evenly across flaps and corners on all the sides top, bottom and sides. Use strong reinforced packaging tapes instead of strings or weak tapes. Use minimum 2” wide tape for packaging.

h)Place shipping labels and invoice on the package largest surface.

Use standard address labels and protect them with clear tapes. Don’t address packages with pens, pencils or water soluble markers.

i)1 copy of Invoice is to be given to pick up boy of the courier partner.

Category Specific Packaging Guideline

In the packing slip category must be mentioned like


Small items


Soft toys



Small appliance

Packaging Don’ts

Shipping with original manufacturer packing is not recommended

Unauthorized marketing material like pamphlet are prohibited to keep inside the box or stick outside the box

Avoid packaging labels on the corner/edges of the box

Packaging material of other vendors must not be used

Check for the expiry date before packaging, it the product has expiry date labeled than please do not ship the product. And also ensure that product must not be expired before it is delivered to the customer. And ensure that there is enough time gap between delivered product and expiry date

Items not meant for retail should not be sold

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