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Restricted Products

As a seller on Vedson, you acknowledge and agree to comply with all the applicable laws and regulations and with Vedson Policies that below are some material for information purposes only and it is not intended as legal advice in any manner whatsoever. Please consult with your legal counsel if you have any questions about the laws and regulations concerning to your products which you want to sell in India or outside India.

Consequences For Violations of Vedson Policies or Violation of Applicable Laws and regulations As a seller if you are listing products which is violating Vedson Policies or Violation of applicable laws and regulations of Indian Government may result in actions such as below • Cancellation of Listing • Suspension of Listing • Removal of your listing • Limits on listing • Termination of your agreement and such other arrangements with Vedson • We can inform the relevant governmental, legal and regulatory authorities for necessary action taken on your company Vedson reserves the right to make judgements in its sole discretion about whether or not the listing is appropriate and whether the listing is contradicting the Vedson Policy.

Seller can report any listing on Vedson if any seller is violating Vedson Policies or applicable laws and regulations of Indian Government on, please include all relevant information to investigate.

Below are some of the examples of Prohibited Products Listings

Below are some of the examples of prohibited products which seller cannot list on vedson. Vedson does not warrant the accuracy, adequacy, completeness, reliability, legality or usefulness of any information provided below.

Restricted Products

1) Counterfeit coins and paper money, including bank notes, bonds and money orders.

2) Items (coins and paper money) considered legal tender.

3) Stocks and securities.

4) Equipments designed to create counterfeit items.

5) Cash or cash equivalent instruments – including money orders, traveller’s cheque.

6) Alcoholic beverages (Spirit and hard liquor) such as brandy, gin, rum, tequila, vodka, whisky. Alcoholic beverages beer, ale, lager, cider, porter, wine, port wine, sparkling wine, champagne, cocktails, wine, beer any products which is having any alcohol part in it.

7) Any chocolate or candies made of or containing raw alcohol, hard liquor, spirit, wine or beer.

8) Gold, silver or other precious metal bullion.

9) Imitation and prop money that is not conspicuously marked “Copy” including coins, tokens, paper money, commemorative medals.

10) Sports collectibles in which sellers does not have any actual rights to a franchise/team/personalities to sell mechandise.

11) Most live creatures such as pets, livestocks or marine mammals.

12) Insects.

13) Illegal wildlife products.

14) Parts or products including fur and feathers of endangered or threatened species such as cheetahs, leopards, jaguars, sable antelopes, tigers, mountain zebras, hartmann mountain zebras, bear, mountain lion.

15) Parts or products of cat or dog.

16) Products containing ivory from animals.

17) Three dimensional artwork such as sculptures.

18) Products that promote or glorify hatred, violence, sexual, racial or religion intolerance or promote organisations with such views.

19) Archaeological based art.

20) Crime scene painting/prints.

21) Autopsy paintings/prints.

22) Graphic pornographic or nude paintings/prints.

23) Any products which encourages child sex acts, child profanity, child drug, child nudity or profanity.

24) Products that promote hate against immigrant or refugee groups.

25) Any painting/prints which is violating copyright of any artwork.

26) Promotional posters or advertisements.

27) Books which is banned by Indian Government to sell in India or any book which is sensitive to any religion, person or any community or Indian Government.

28) Used clothing and shoes.

29) Cell Jammers, GPS Jammers, Laser Jammers.

30) Counterfeit Coins.

31) Bank Notes.

32) Bonds.

33) Money Orders.

34) Dietary supplements that are subject to a regulatory recall or safety alert.

35) Dietary supplements that do not comply with FSSAI mandatory labelling requirements as specified by the department.

36) Dietary supplements claiming that they can be used to cure, mitigate, treat, diagnose or prevent any kind of disease, disorder or conditions in human and in animals.

37) Dietary supplements that do not contain the food safety and standard license number printed on the product label.

38) Dietary supplement that do not contain the mandatory Veg or Non Veg log printed on the product label.

39) Any dietary supplement which does not mention or undeclared drug ingredient or prohibited active pharmaceutical ingredients.

40) Legal steroids.

41) Products that require a prescription or a medical professional supervision or direction for their use.

42) Products and ingredients that the food and drugs regulatory authorities or governmental authorities have determined from which unreasonable risk of injury or illness occurs or the product is unsafe.

43) Products that is adulterated, spurious or misbranded.

44) Products which are prohibited as per the drugs and magic remedies (objectionable advertisement) act 1954 and other applicable laws.

45) Controlled substances under Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substance Act 1985 or any other applicable laws.

46) Any Expiry Date or Use by Products.

47) Products that are not sealed in original manufacturer packaging in cosmetics and skin/hair care.

48) Products labelled as tested including perfume tester or not intended for resale in cosmetics and skin/hair care.

49) Products which are banned or prohibited by CDSCO or such other central or state authority from time to time in cosmetics and skin/hair care.

50) Gambling, lottery tickets, slot machines.

51) Any human body parts blood, eggs, bone, organs, sperm, tissues, human remains or any other illegal activities which is restricted by Indian government.

52) Narcotic drugs such as poppy straw, coca plant and leaf, cocaine, prepared opium, cananabis hemp, marijuana, hashish, diacetylmorphine, bemidone, alphaprodine, alpha-methylthiofentanyl, alpha methadol, alphameprodine, alpha acetlymethadol, acetyldihydrocodeinone, acetyl alpha methylfentanyl, or any other drugs substances.

53) Any drugs or substance which is banned to sell online or offline by Indian Government or any of the Indian Government Authority/department.

54) Products intended to affect traffic signals.

55) Products where serial numbers has been removed or altered.

56) Any products which does not compliance with BIS standard or IMEI global standards for Electronics Devices.

57) Weapons such as firearms, firearm accessories, explosives, crossbows, slingshots, stun guns, tasers, blunt force striking weapons, firearm ammunitions or any arms and ammunition which is banned to sell without any license or without having license with the buyer to buy, as Indian government is not allowing to sell this products online so this products are restricted to listing on Vedson.

58) For Food and Beverages Products FSSAI license number is mandatory to mention on the product page, without FSSAI license number seller cannot list their products on Vedson.

59) Diamonds that do not comply with certification schemes applicable in India.

60) Seller warranty is not allowed to list, seller must only offer manufacturer warranty only.

61) Seller must provide free assembly service at the customers location for products that require assembly, if seller is not able to give free assembly service at customers location than seller is not allowed to list the products under furniture category.

62) Postage meters, counterfeit stamps, equipment designed to create counterfeit stamps.

63) Devices designed to duplicate a key.

64) Code grabbing device.

65) Master keys or skeleton keys.

66) Lock picking or lock smithing devices.

67) Any stolen product or property.

68) Any videos, sound or other recordings taken without permission of the copyright, trademark or any intellectual property holder.

69) Graphic pornographic horror movie.

70) Products are identified as not for distribution within India.

71) Real property.

72) Real estate.

73) Government documents, identification, birth certificates, passports, licenses or documents for sale relating to any mass transportation etc.

74) Government uniforms, ids, license, police and other security forces badges and uniforms.

75) Databases list of names, address, email address, personal information etc.

76) Plastic and thermocol products which are banned by Indian Government like plastic carry bags, plastic cling films which are banned by Indian government rules and regulation.

77) Devices used for hacking, descrambling or otherwise obtaining unauthorised access to any type of communication.

78) Tobacco or any products that contain tobacco such as cigarettes, cigars, beedis, smokeless tobacco, dipping tobacco, chewing tobacco, hookah flavours with tobacco. Seller can sell Herbal Products in cigarettes.

79) Electronic cigarettes and related products regardless of whether they contain nicotine such as E cigarettes, E Hookahs, Electronic Pipes, Electronic Cigars.

80) Any other smokeless tobacco products.

This above products which we have listed is restricted for listing on our Vedson. Their might be some products which we have missed to mention in this above list, so please you have to check Indian Government Rules and law regarding the selling of products in India and selling of product on E-commerce in India.


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