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DisplayBusiness Warranty Period and Types

Here at DisplayBusiness, we constantly strive to improve the quality of information on warranty and guarantees that we provide to our customers. A warranty is a written guarantee issued to the Buyer by the Seller/Manufacturer promising to repair or replace an article/product if necessary, within a specified period.

Warranty Period

A warranty period of products sold on DisplayBusiness can have a span anywhere from 1 Month to 10 years and up to Lifetime Limited Warranty. Do note that some products do not carry a warranty either from Seller or manufacturer. These products will bear a ‘No Warranty’ label on its product details page.

Warranty Type


Warranty Type


No Warranty

There is no warranty that comes with the product.

Local Manufacturer Warranty; or

Local Authorized Service Centre Warranty

The warranty service is offered by the local manufacturer based in Malaysia. Buyer should be able to claim the warranty at any authorized local service centre.

Local Seller Warranty

The warranty service is extended by the Seller themselves on DisplayBusiness. Buyer should be able to contact the Seller directly for any warranty claims.

Supplier Warranty

 This warranty service is provided by authorized distributors. The Buyer to contact supplier directly for delivery of return products to the service centre.

International Manufacturer Warranty

The warranty service must be offered by the international brand manufacturer. Buyer should be able to claim warranty at any local or international service centre.

Local Official Distributor Warranty

This warranty service is provided directly by the official service centre as well as the official distributor of the product.

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